Standards, Policies, and Procedures Manual

Version 1.1; Approved December 2023

The 2023 Cal-GETC Standards, Policies and Procedures Version 1.0 is the response to the requirement that ICAS establish a singular lower division general education pathway that meets the academic requirements necessary for transfer admission to the California State University and the University of California per AB 928 (Berman, 2021). The document is intended to be both self-contained and accessible. It includes current practices and policies and, in some cases, will generate new policies and procedures to be implemented by the California Community Colleges, the California State University, and the University of California. The Cal-GETC standards, policies, and procedures contained in this document are independent of any prior General Education requirements (except as otherwise indicated, e.g., grandfathered IGETC approvals for areas in which the criteria or standards had no modifications for Cal-GETC from the prior IGETC).

Cal-GETC Standards 1.1 (PDF) 2023 Current Version

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Cal-GETC Standards 1.0 (PDF) 2023