Our Work

While each of the academic senates of the three ICAS partners provide vigorous leadership for faculty in their own segments, ICAS members also collaborate on policy positions and publications to the degree that such cooperation has the potential to improve intersegmental cooperation and better serve the students and people of California.

Issues subject to cooperation among ICAS members include advising California high school students on preparation for California higher education (ICAS competency statements), facilitating admission and transfer (support for IGETC Standards), and keeping California higher education affordable (including the growing issue of textbook affordability).

ICAS Appointee Reporting and Evaluation Structure

The ICAS Appointee Reporting and Evaluation Structure provides ICAS’ with protocols that apply to any appointee made by ICAS as a group or by ICAS Leadership. These protocols do not apply to appointees made by the individual segments represented on ICAS, even if that appointee serves on an intersegmental body.