Useful Links

We have assembled a list of related organizations and resources that might be helpful:

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

The Academic Senate strengthens and supports the local senates of all California community colleges.

California Community College Chancellor’s Office

This site has the latest information on Chancellor’s Office activities. Also included are links to all the CC college websites

The California Education Round Table (CERT)

Cert is comprised of the chief executive officers of the educational sectors and the State’s long-range planning and coordinating agency. The Round Table seeks to achieve the goal of all students meeting high academic standards to prepare them for subsequent success in education or the workplace without the need for remediation in core academic disciplines

Course Identification Project (C-ID)

This website is for the Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID). C-ID is a supranumbering system being developed to ease the transfer and articulation burdens in California’s higher educational institutions.

CSU Academic Senate

The CSU Academic Senate represents faculty at the 23 CSU campuses at the state level.

Intersegmental Coordinating Council (ICC; K-12, higher education)

The operational arm of the California Education Round Table (CERT) representing the heads of all the California education segments. The Round Table considers issues affecting all segments of education. Its agenda is implemented through working committees composed of staff, faculty and students managed by its operating arm, the Intersegmental Coordinating Committee.

UC Office of the President

This is an entryway to many sites associated with the UC system

UC Academic Senate

The UC Academic Senate represents the faculty in the “shared governance” of the University of California.