IGETC Resources

Members of the UC/CCC/CSU IGETC Committee will house and share approved IGETC policy updates and clarifications with the faculty and staff members from all higher education systems.

IGETC Standards Subcommittee 2022-2023 Roster


UC – Jingsong Zhang, IGETC Standards Chair  (Term: 2021-2023)

CSU – Mark Van Selst

CCC – LaTonya Parker


CCC – Craig Kutil, Articulation Officer

CCCCO – Bob Quinn, Transfer and Articulation Specialist

UCOP – Chase Fischerhall, A-G and Transfer Policy Analysis and Coordination Associate Director

UC Merced – Eric Chau, Articulation Officer

CSUCO – Caron Inouye, Assistant Dean, Academic Programs, Curriculum and Assessment

CSUCO – Quajuana Chapman, Articulation and Curriculum Assistant

CSU – Blake Buller, the Articulation Officer from CSU Channel Islands

CCC – Ginni May, ASCCC President

CCC – Cheryl Aschenbach, ASCCC Vice President

IGETC CCC System Office Memo on New IGETC Standards March 10, 2008 (PDF)

IGETC Clarification Letter June 26, 2008 (PDF)

Partial IGETC Certification at UC, Berkeley Feburary 27, 2008 (PDF)

SMC English AP Study October 26, 2008 (PDF)

IGETC Certification Form Templates

The templates below may be used to create college branded forms for IGETC Certification.

 Curriculum IGETC Certification  Form Template (PDF)

 Curriculum IGETC Certification  Form Template (Word Doc)