Historical Documents

ICAS was founded in 1980 when leaders of the three faculty senates recognized the need for active cooperation around a small but crucial range of issues.

The development of competency statements, IGETC (both described in more detail elsewhere on this site) and, indirectly, providing guidance to the Intersegmental Coordinating Council, are all ICAS concerns. The October 1993 document, “The Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates” provides additional background on the formation of ICAS. ICAS acts to coordinate the consideration of matters of common interest between the three segment Senates, but ICAS has no authority over them.

In recent years, ICAS has also expressed concern to the U. S. Federal Government in the form of a joint letter over on externally developed or imposed “outcomes standards” (see the ICAS Standardization document).

The Intersegmental Committee of the Academic Senates, California State University, and University of California September 1997

ICAS Standardization Document (PDF)
A letter to the U.S. Secretary of Eduction to introduce the ICAS as the faculty voice of public higher education in the State of California.

General Education Transfer Curriculum  / 1988 Fall Session Background Paper (PDF)
Section 66720 of Assembly Bill 1725 (Vasconcellos) mandates the development of a transfer core curriculum to facilitate the transfer of students from the California Community Colleges to the University of California and California State University.

The Intersegmental Committee of the Academic Senates: What is it? Why is it? What does it do? April 1986 (PDF)

This FAQ page has been archived as an historical document and is no longer relevant as information is outdated. No replacement FAQs have been created; please refer to the latest version of the Standards, Policies, and Procedures for IGETC document.