Competencies Statements

Through its competency Statements, ICAS seeks to advise California high school students and their families what kind of intellectual preparation is necessary for success in California higher education, no matter which segment a student may elect to attend. Currently competency statements exist for English, mathematics, foreign languages, visual and performing arts, and social sciences.

Statement of Competencies in the Natural Sciences Expected of Entering Freshmen (PDF)

Statement on Competency-based Assessment of Student Learning  (PDF)

Academic Literacy: A Statement of Competencies Expected of Students Entering California’s Public Colleges and Universities Spring 2002 (PDF)

This document on Academic Literacies is an update of the original 1982 Statement on Competencies in English Expected of Entering College Freshmen. Incorporating findings from a web-based survey submitted to faculty across the disciplines at the University of California, the California State Universities and the California Community College

Statement on Competencies in Mathematics Expected of Entering College Students Revised 2013 (PDF)

Statement of Competencies in Languages Other Than English Expected of Entering Freshman – Phase II: Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian Fall 1994 (PDF)