"IGETC Standards" is the document that describes the pattern of courses overseen by ICAS that allows a student to transfer from a California community college to a CSU or UC campus having completed lower division general education requirements.

ICAS reviews proposed changes or clarification periodically. These changes are the work of the ICAS IGETC Standards subcommittee, which is composed of nine members, including an ICAS member, articulation officer, and system specialist concerned with transfer from each of the three segments.

The IGETC Standards document is a crucial resource on the Transfer Counselor website:
In its own words, “The California Community College Transfer Counselor Website (TCW) was designed to become a one-stop website for California's community college transfer counselors. 
TCW contains all California college and university information and some bordering out-of-state (OOS) university information: http://ccctransfer.org/