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Memos Regarding Articulation and CCC Course Outlines Available

On June 21, 2011, memos signed by the community college, CSU and UC Academic Senates were released regarding the use of community college course outlines in the articulation process. 

New Math Competencies Statements Are Available 

New Math Competencies Statements (April 2010)

The goal of this Statement on Competencies in Mathematics Expected of Entering College Students is to provide a clear and coherent message about the mathematics that students need to know and to be able to do to be successful in college. While parts of this Statement were written with certain audiences in mind, the document as a whole should be useful for anyone who is concerned about the preparation of California’s students for college. This represents an effort to be realistic about the skills, approaches, experiences, and subject matter that make up an appropriate mathematical background for entering college students.


Some Background

Who is ICAS?

The meetings of ICAS are financed by the segments and deal with a variety of issues of mutual concern such as student preparation for postsecondary education, the California Master Plan for Higher Education, access, transfer, articulation, general education, and educational quality and standards.
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ICAS Roster

2017-2018 representatives from three ICAS segments.
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Memorandum on the Master Plan

Dated on December 17, the memorandum on the Master Plan was submitted.
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