Preparation in Visual and Performing Arts

Statement on Preparation in the Visual and Performing Arts Expected of Entering Freshman

August 10, 1988

Visual and Performing Arts: Statement on Preparation in the Visual and Performing Arts Expected of Entering Freshman. found that the needs of incoming freshmen with a desire to major in the arts and incoming freshmen who will major in unrelated disciplines fundamentally have very similar preparation needs when entering a higher education institution.

This document makes it clear that effective pre-college arts education should provide students with opportunities to develop the components of art education defined in the Framework (aesthetic perception, creative expression, arts heritage and aesthetic valuing), with particular attention paid to creative expression or performance. According to the document, effective pre-collegiate education in the arts should provide students with the opportunity to create, execute and redefine works or performances. The document stipulates that these experiences should offer students the chance to develop and improve the:

  • Ability to use techniques, media, tools and processes characteristic of an art form
  • Ability to create one’s own work or carry out a fresh performance of an existing score or text or choreography
  • Ability to draw on basic aesthetic concepts when creating or performing works
  • Ability to develop a concept or feeling by being attentive to oneself and one’s work

This recognize that these combined skills are imperative for all students to have an opportunity to partake in during high school, and perhaps especially important for students who will not be majoring in the arts.

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