Memos Regarding Articulation and CCC Course Outlines

June 21, 2011

Email distributed to CCC Academic Senate Presidents, Curriculum Chairs and Articulation Officers

Subject: Community college articulation through course outlines

Attachments: Memo to CSU Department Chairs and Faculty; Memo to CCC Senate Presidents, Curriculum Chairs and Articulation Officers

The Academic Senate has received messages of concern regarding university faculty requesting individual faculty member's syllabi or final exams, a practice which is outside of our established articulation process using the course outline of record (COR). The Senate’s representatives to the Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates (ICAS) brought these concerns to this group of leaders from the UC, CSU and community college Academic Senates. Following a fruitful discussion there, two memos were produced and unanimously endorsed to address the community college faculty concerns, and both are attached for your reference. One memo is addressed to department chairs at CSU and UC, and the other is addressed to senate presidents, curriculum chairs and articulation officers in community colleges. Each segment's Academic Senate will share the memos within their system. The intent of the memos is to remind faculty at all levels about the standards and processes used to articulate courses across the segments to facilitate transfer for students. We hope that you will keep copies of the memos and use them appropriately should the need arise.

If you have other questions or concerns about university faculty requesting syllabi or exams in order to establish articulation of courses, please let us know. For community colleges, it is essential that our curriculum committees continue to expect and approve CORs that are well written, complete and rigorous enough to warrant college credit for transfer students. For more information on CORs, please search the Academic Senate website,www.asccc.orgfor resources and guides or send any questions to

Beth Smith, Chair
ASCCC Curriculum Committee 2010-11