Competencies in Social Sicence

Statement on Competencies and Preparation in Social Science – History

May 1988

"Statement on Competencies and Preparation in Social Science History" (May 1988) is intended to serve as a resource and guide for teachers, administrators and curriculum specialists, and are to be considered with college-bound students in mind.

The competencies discussed in this paper are essentially for all college-bound students—not simply those who will major in history or the social sciences. These competencies provide a foundational understanding for students to view college-level assignments and to be intelligently informed about the world’s current events. Additionally, they provide a basis for values that should are imperative for responsible citizens to develop and act upon. This report emphasizes that history is the integrative discipline of the following studies:

  1. Chronological—providing insight into time, place and geographic setting
  2. Integrated—demonstrating the relationships among disciplines
  3. In Depth, giving important periods and events sufficient time for study to ensure student understanding
  4. Designed to emphasize an understanding of democracy, an ability to compare it with other political systems, as well as the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy
  5. Cognizant of the importance of religion in history
  6. Reflective of the need for concern for ethics and human rights

Through these important studies, students will be able to be both well-rounded students, and well-rounded citizens.

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